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Our Quality

We Seek Excellence

During the productive process we seek excellence and our only objective is the creation of legendary wood flooring that will last in time, insisting and highlighting the slightest details on our large format wood floors.

Wood plank with European Oak top layer and birch plywood core


All of our products are composed of 2 layers. European oak on top of birch multilayer phenolic board. Both products come 100% from Europe.

  • European Oak: Our top layer is 100% European Oak mainly from France. Rivafloors only works with sawmills that care about the environment, planting 1 tree for every 3 that are cut down. The average age of the European oak used is 180 years, making the maintenance of forests one of our top priorities.

  • Birolic Phenolic Board: Our core is composed of birch veneers, glued together with WBP phenolic glue, preventing moisture transmission between its layers. This results in a high quality product suitable for kitchens or bathrooms, provided it is installed following our recommendations and guarantee. This product is imported to Spain from Belarus complying with the highest international standards, such as the FSC certification and CARB 2 compliance.

Quality Certificates

Rivafloors-is-CARB2-Compliant---Rivafloors CARB2 Compliant

Our products are 100% compliant with CARB2.

Rivafloors-uses-WBP-Glue---Rivafloors WBP Glue

The glue that we use in our products has special characteristics that do not contaminate.

Rivafloors-is-Bureau-Veritas-certified---Rivafloors Bureau Veritas

Our quality management system complies with the requirements established by the international standard ISO 9001: 2008.

Rivafloors-products-are-Flame-Resistant---Rivafloors Flame Resistant

Our product has a limited contribution to fire, this means it is combustible in lower parameters.

Rivafloors-products-have-been-evaluated-for-European-Conformity---Rivafloors European Conformity

The CE marking indicates that our product has been evaluated before being introduced to the market and therefore satisfies the legal requirements to be sold.

Rivafloors-products-emit-zero-polluting-substances---Rivafloors Zero Emissions

Our wood does not emit polluting substances.

Rivafloors-is-a-Member-of-NWFA---Rivafloors A Member of NWFA

Rivafloors are members of the National Wood Flooring Association.

The-Rivafloors-factory-is-FSC-Certified---Rivafloors FSC Certification

100% FSC Certified Factory

Quality Control

During the manufacturing process we seek excellence and our only objective is the creation of legendary wood flooring that will last in time, insisting and highlighting the slightest details on our large format wood floors. Our wood is 100% european oak and we manufacture it in Spain.

Step 1.

Veneer Classification

Our classification team, which is formed by 90% women, is highly trained to spot knots, sapwood and color variation. They carefully classify each veneer according to the previous qualities as well as thickness, length, width and origin.
Step 2.

Moisture Control

Cold press: At our factory we only glue the top layer to the plywood using cold press, making our product the most stable one in the market. We use WBP glue which works as a moisture barrier and is zero formaldehydes. It is because of this glue that we must apply pressure during 5 minutes for every board instead of just thirty seconds that would be enough with a hot press procedure. This one be would demand the use of glue with formaldehyde, which we do not deem safe for the final consumer or our workers, and would result in a lower quality product. Also, the stability of the product would be damaged since applying this heat would result in moisture level variations.
Step 3.

Finishing Line

Our finishing line works by applying the stain and force drying it first, after this, the top coat is applied and polished. This last step is done eight times which guarantees a resistance between 4 and 8 times stronger than similar products in the market, given that most manufacturers only apply one to two coats. All the finishing products we apply are supplied by Bona.
Step 4.


- World class machinery: We use the best machine available in the market, custom made by German engineers of the highly renowned brand HOMAG.

- 2 bevel wood planks: Bevels are used on flooring products with the aim of avoiding imperfections. The engineering of our floors allows for only two bevels instead of the 4 that most competitors use, having as an end result a sleeker look and an infinity effect. This is a unique quality of our product that allows to easily tell it apart from any products like ceramic, laminate, LVT etc...
Step 5.


- Machinery: We have the fastest machine in the market that package 10000 sq ft of floors per hour.

- Human Involvement: Before the machine does its job, every board is reviewed by a team of two people. These teams rotate every twenty minutes since after this period of time, the eye can get used to the color variation and could make mistakes.