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Imagine your space. Imagine your environment. Imagine your floor.

We Care About the Environment

Wood is a noble material, full of life that does not cease to surprise us, we constantly learn from it, we love it and respect it day a day. As a result of this combination we introduce three collections of top of the line engineered European floors, redefining the concept of elegance and style in the most natural way possible.

In Rivafloors we take care of every detail, through its collections we develop a new style where the main element of the interior design is the floor you stand on. Our creations merge with the lifestyle and the person that experience the pleasure of choosing the European floors designed by Rivafloors.

Sustainability is Priority

A tree only grows 1cm per year, and every tree needs and average of 180 years to reach its adulthood, this process takes entire generations that get to see it grow. Those who choose Rivafloors wood flooring are making history, by allowing other people to experience the sensation of enjoying an element that’s full of life, right under their feet, a floor that will be legendary with time, where each grain tells us a story, conforming a unique piece of art that becomes part of our lives.

Because we love wood as a part of us that is alive, Rivafloors respects the environment on each step of their production and are certified with the strictest environmental standards. The quality of our products depends on great measure on the optimization of forestall resources that we have in our reach. Raw material is chosen and selected directly from the forest by forestall experts.

Rivafloors is firmly committed with the environment and the right, ethic and efficient management of the forests, for this reason all of our products are manufactured by a FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified factory.