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Beyond Floors

Rivafloors: Malembe Objective

Malembe is a Non-Profit Organization that was created by a group of young Spanish students. Their mission is to work everyday with 600 girls and boys of all ages in the Kimbondo Orphanage to educate and implement sanitary conditions. The Orphanage is located in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Floors with a Vision

At RivaFloors, we are proud to create beautiful, high-end floors. It is all too easy to forget that design and comfort have become a mainstream luxury in our world. However, there is another world where those words have no meaning. A world where the real luxury is access to scarce food and educational opportunities. We are proud to be part of an amazing project that is helping with these issues.
Map of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Floors with a Mission

Malembe is a non-profit that develops educational programs at the Kimbondo Orphanage in Kinshasa (Congo), home to more than 500 children.
Children of the Kimbondo Orphanage excited about their education.